Finding the Right Lawyer

Orren & Orren would, of course, be delighted if you took one look at our website and decided we were the lawyers for you. And if this happens after you have done some careful research and serious thinking about all that is involved in finding and hiring a lawyer, we will be even more delighted.

The following link takes you to the California State Bar’s online pamphlet, How Can I Find And Hire The Right Lawyer. When you get to the site, you will find additional links to other helpful State Bar resources, including other pamphlets which may give you insight into the solutions to your particular legal issue.

The Strange World of Appeals

If you came to our website because you are considering an appeal, or because you have won in a trial and your opponent has appealed, you need to know right away that appeals are very different from trials. Practically everything is different, from the procedural requirements and steps, to the pace of the proceedings, to the standards that apply in adjudicating the issues. Before you enter this new and different world, you should have some understanding of what the differences are, and what new challenges and opportunities will be encountered.

The following link takes you to information on civil appeals directly from the horse’s mouth—from the Court of Appeal’s own website. The cite also contains internal links to useful related information.